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Eccentric Valentino

Year Foaled 2007
Color Bay
Breeding Purebred Arabian

While winning a U.S. National Championship is exhilarating, winning two of them with two different horses is almost heart-stopping.  And so it was for Luciana Fasano of Fazenda Floresta, LLC at the 2011 U.S. National Championships.  “When AAS Elishahh was named the U.S. National Champion Two Year Old Colt, I was so elated.  It was thrilling.  And then, when Eccentric Valentino became a U.S. National Champion Stallion, I thought I might just perish from the sheer unbelievable excitement of it all,” remembers Luciana.  “It was too good to be true.”  But true it was – one owner, two U.S. National Champions.  

Eccentric Valentino is part of the elite group of international champion stallions brought together by Luciana for her Fazenda Floresta of Scottsdale, Arizona and Itu, Brazil.  “In early January, 2011, I had come to Scottsdale to visit farms and see Arabian horses,” Luciana recalls.  “As fate would have it, my good friend (and now trainer) Rodolfo Guzzo and I went to Midwest Training Center in Scottsdale.  David Boggs was gracious and his hospitality impeccable.  However, I was unprepared for the presentation David had planned.  When he presented the extraordinary stallions Magnum Psyche and DA Valentino, I was overwhelmed – such beauty, such living and breathing art,” discloses Luciana.  

Yet, David’s presentation was not complete.  He then showed his guests a four year old son of DA Valentino and out of the U.S. National Champion Yearling Filly and Magnum Psyche daughter Amelia B.  The young stallion was an ethereal combination of the two remarkable stallions Luciana has just seen.  “I didn’t even know his name,” says Luciana.  “But the moment I saw him, Eccentric conquered my heart.”  Luciana turned to Guzzo and whispered, “We must have him for Fazenda Floresta.  He must be part of our team.”  

“No getting around it, Luciana knows what she likes in horses,” says Guzzo.  “She grew up riding horses, grooming them, and caring for them.  Her sense of style and excellence in her businesses easily translates to the horses.  Luciana knows what she’s doing and I’m so glad to be a part of it all.”  

Eccentric is the result of the careful planning of breeding the 6-time National Champion Stallion Valentino to a National Champion daughter of the famous Magnum Psyche.  Significantly, Eccentric’s dam is out of a National Champion producing daughter of Eternety, himself a multiple National Champion Stallion.  Predictably, the resulting bay colt would capture the show ring by winning U.S. National Champion Top Ten Yearling Colt, a variety of Regional Championships, Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt, U.S. National Champion and Reserve U.S. National Champion Senior Stallion.   

Now a essential element of the Fazenda Floresta team of stallions, Eccentric heads to Scottsdale 2012, the anticipate of more regional and national championships and the commitment to a very busy breeding season.  

“I knew when Luciana purchased Eccentric, he would be a U.S. National Champion Stallion,” states David Boggs.  “And,” confirms Guzzo, “he’s one of the best Valentino sons out there. His incredibly long neck, his great body, his eyes, face and attitude are simply outstanding.  It was definitely a very good day when David introduced Luciana to Eccentric Valentino.”

Eccentric Valentino  Show record

2013 - Brasilian National Reserve Champion

2012 - Scottsdale Arabian Classic 5 Year old Stallions Champion
2012 - Brazilian Reserve National Champion Stallion

2011 - US National Champion Arabian Stallion Breeding 4-5
2011 - US National Reserve Champion Arabian Stallion Adult 4 & Over

2010 - Canadian National Champion Arabian Stallion Adult 4 & Over

2009 - Canadian National Reserve Champion Arabian Two-Year-Old Colts Championship 






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Autumn In Gold
DA Love Padrons Psyche *Padron
Magnifficaa FA Echo Magnifficoo
Jamaara FA
Amelia B Magnum Psyche Padrons Psyche *Padron
A Fancy Miracle *Sasaki
*Medina Azahara
Amety B Eternety+ Sharem El Sheikh
Amiga-B Bask El Amigo

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