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“I think I’m addicted,” admits Luciana Fasano.  “…addicted to beautiful Arabian horses – especially the stallions.”  A long-time equestrian competitor, Luciana is the energizing power of Fazenda Floresta.  Located in Itu, Brazil, Fazenda Floresta is a tranquil retreat from the intense dynamics of the nearby international city of São Paulo.  Originally a sugar then coffee plantation, Fazenda Floresta offers more than 150 years of quiet beauty, graceful landscapes, and charming hospitality.  

 “When Fazenda Floresta was purchased some years ago, it was already a local historical site.  But it had no fencing, no stables, nothing except for the original house and the main house built when the farm was a coffee plantation,” says Luciana as her eyes come to rest on newly planted coffee fields.  “ I designed the interiors of the houses, built the stables and office, changed roads dissecting the farm, laid cobble stoned drives and landscaped.  Even the tiles we put on the two houses are from the original early 19th century period.”  “Even with such a beautiful place,” continues Luciana, “I didn’t own any horses.”  Today, Fazenda Floresta continues to change as Luciana designs additional presentation arenas, turn outs, a vet lab, a second office suite, and a grand stallion barn.  

Sitting quietly by the pool and looking across the grounds to avocado trees burdened with fruit or listening to a flock of parakeets flying above, one can almost forget that behind the serenity of the farm is a woman of commanding intellect who speaks five different languages, has traveled the world over, and creates designer fabrics.  A fierce world-class athlete, Luciana began competing in cross-country jumping when she was 6 years old.  Now an accomplished horsewoman, Luciana learned early the essentials of form to function, the real importance of correct confirmation, and the fundamentals of successful breeding.  

But it was the long sometimes 12 hour horse-back rides as a youth through the fields of neighboring farms to see her cousin’s straight Egyptian stallion that truly cemented Luciana’s passion for the Arabian stallion.  “I was absolutely in love with that stallion,” she remembers.  “I would spend hours feeding and looking at him.  My big dream was always to have a stallion just like him one day.” 

 It was during one of these far-away rides that young Luciana fell from her horse, breaking her shoulder.  Instead of wandering off and leaving Luciana, her Half-Arabian horse stayed with her for hours until help arrived.  Little wonder the sparkle in Luciana’s eyes when she speaks of the Arabian horse that has claimed her heart. 

 “The love of Arabian horses and the dream of owning them have always been with me,” affirms Luciana.  “When I was about 21 years old, I met a Brazilian breeder who had a farm and owned a son of *El Shaklan.  Eventually, he gave me a Half-Arabian son of his stallion.  He also said that he had a black stallion.  Immediately I was fascinated.  The problem was that no one could ride this black stallion.  The horse would bite and kick at people.  Given the chance to work the horse, I cleared the barn and entered his stall.  Within five minutes I had him bridled, saddled and was riding him.  I gave him love and he immediately responded.  He knew me and I him.  For almost two years I rode and worked with that stallion.” 

 “At that time,” recalls Luciana, “I went to all the Arabian Horse shows in Brazil – and soon found out about Lenita Perroy and her horses.  I knew of her Ali Jamal and immediately noticed a difference in her horses.  Each time an Ali Jamal horse entered the ring, I could see a difference from the others competing.  Her horses were special.  At the time Ali Jamal was about 24.”  And though Luciana had admired Lenita’s horses, Luciana did not actually meet Lenita until about two years ago -- a meeting that would change Luciana’s life and the careers of some very impressive stallions. 

However, that meeting would be some years later – years after focusing on fashion and her career, living in the United States and then in Vienna, Austria, and after the remarkable birth of her son Filipe.  Life had given Luciana a bounty of experiences, developed her abundant talents and given her many achievements.  “I have always had a “meta”— a goal…and I always reach my metas,” states Luciana her face exuding quiet determination. 

In 2009, Luciana’s determination defined a new goal: showing and owning a U.S. National Champion Arabian horse.  Her pursuit quickly led her to Lenita’s Hara Meia Lua in Brazil.  There Lenita introduced her to internationally successful trainers and they set forth to find Luciana a horse that could be shown, owned, and crowned a national champion. 

In the early fall of 2010, Luciana found an almost unknown yearling bay colt AAS-Elishahh.  A son of National Champion Eden C, this extraordinary bay colt is out of an excellent Versace daughter, herself out of a beautiful Ali Jamal daughter.  Without hesitation or equivocation, Luciana purchased bay colt.  “I never doubted his quality” Luciana confirms.  “I knew it was the thing to do.  It felt right.  So I did it and never looked back.”  And at the 2010 U.S. Nationals, Luciana accomplished one of her metas  with her Elishahh being named U.S. National Champion Yearling colt – out-showing some 25 other yearlings.  “I couldn’t be at the show,” laments Luciana.  “The moment I heard his name as National Champion, I was shocked.  It was beyond belief.  It was like a dream.” 

Today, following an active breeding season, winning a World Cup championship and claiming a championship at Region 2, Elishaah is preparing for his second trip to the U.S. Nationals – this time as a two year old.  “It’s another meta,” Luciana says simply. 

What are Luciana’s other goals… the ownership of a grey extraordinary stallion with superior pedigree, perfect balance, impressive carriage, and of course the face and eyes that would make you stop and stare.  To achieve this goal, Luciana contacted her friend in Belgium Christine Jamar.  This Luciana meta resulted in another adventure through South America, across Europe, and to the historic desert sands of Israel, home of the straight Egyptian stallion  Al Hadiyah AA.  Sired by the significant international sire of national champions Laheeb and out of the magnificent black mare The Vision HG, Hadiyah is perhaps the best of all world.  With the commitment and intensity that is Luciana, she navigated the negotiations and another Luciana meta was achieved.  From the exotic to the extraordinary, Al Hadiyah is now owned by Fazenda Floresta, LLC . 

As Al Hadiyah prepares for the next step in his own exciting adventure, he joins another Fazenda Floresta National and Regional Champion Stallion: Eccentric Valentino.  Perhaps the best bred son of the great DA Valentino, Eccentric is out of a daughter of the legendary Magnum Psyche, who in turn is out of a daughter of multi-national champion Eternety.  Not surprisingly, Eccentric is already a National Champion with his excellent structure, long neck and beautiful expression.  With his breeding season over, Eccentric now prepares for his next adventure: U.S. National Champion Junior Stallion.  Another Luciana meta

Fazenda Floresta’s trio of stallions reflects the dreams of a young girl riding on horse-back through the farm fields of Brazil.  “After you see a beautiful Arabian horse there is not any other horse.  To me they are perfection,” states Luciana with her eyes shining.  “I love everything about the Arabian:  the head, the tail carriage, the attitude, the keen intelligence…everything.” 

Eventually, Luciana will bring her stallions to Fazenda Floresta in Brazil.  “I want to give them the same quality of life Lenita has given Ali Jamal.  I want to sit in their paddocks and pastures in the afternoon sun and watch them, be part of them, and they part of me.”  When asked about her continuing Arabian horse adventures and her goals on the horizon, Luciana simple states:  “A European World Champion.”  It’s another Luciana meta…and in Luciana style, it’s a promise of the future.


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